Big Data Drives Demand for Interactive Visualization

Jeremy Stierwalt, Jeremy Thomas Stierwalt, Big Data

By Jeremy Stierwalt
Service Line Director, Analytics
Optimal Solutions an NTT Data Company

Big Data has moved well beyond hype. It is a top challenge businesses of all sizes must grapple with now — as in today.  Drawing insight and actionable information in a timely manner from the massive amount of data available can no longer be accomplished with static graphs, spreadsheets, and day-. week- or month-old reports.

According to Gartner, big data demand will reach 4.4 million jobs globally, but only one-third of those jobs will be filled. Gartner says the demand for Big Data is growing, and enterprises will need to reassess their competencies and skills to respond to this opportunity.

SAP consultants are well advised to hone their skills for building intuitive dashboards that integrate myriad back-end systems and enable non-techie business users to interact in real time with big data to drive big-time business value.

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